Saturday, July 10, 2010

My Creative Space - The beginning

This project has been a long time coming. It is still a work in progress (is it possible to be ever done?). It all started last year when I got married, and I told my husband I had two conditions. One he had to buy me a GPS. I still venture out and with out it I would never find my way home! The second was that I HAD to have a craft room when we bought a house...and of course, my wishes are his command. I must say, my hubby hubby is a very smart man and one of the numerous reasons I love him! make a long story short, I got my wish, we bought a house and I got a WHOLE ROOM for my crafts (a dream come true!) Before - Front The room is in the basement and although I was no crazy about it because of the weird shape and lack of light, it is the room that makes the most sense. The bathroom is in this room, it has a door leading to the yard. Before - Back AND...did I mention I got a BONUS work room? YESSSSS! Before - workshop area


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