Sunday, June 19, 2011

USA ATC #14 Indiana

USA ATC #14 Indiana
Collaged ATC for the "USA ATC #14 Indiana" series swap at swap-bot

Arms of the Angel

Collage ATC

I so love the Zetti style that I decided to use it for this atc. I designed this ATC for trading with the ladies of my local ATC group. The theme was "Song Lyrics" and for my song I chose the theme song from City of Angels, "Arms Of The Angel" by Sarah McLachlan.

I is for... Iced Tea

Collage ATC made for the "I is for... " swap at swap-bot.

I created the iced text and reflection in PS using a tutorial found HERE. I used clear embossing powder to give it and the glass a shinny/wet look and white embossing powder to accent the frost on top of the letters. I cut all the pieces and attached them to the background with mounting tape to give the image a 3D look.

Vintage Series #1 - The Lady ATC

Collage ATC for the "Vintage Series #1 - The Lady" swap at swap-bot

Happy 4th of July

Collage ATC

I designed this ATC for trade with the ladies in my local ATC group. I also made two additional copies for trade.

USA ATC #13 Illinois

USA ATC #13 Illinois
Collage ATC for the USA ATC #13 Illinois swap at swapbot

H is for...Hair

Collage ATC for the "H is for..." swap at swap-bot