Sunday, July 11, 2010

My Creative Space - I can see the light!

This week I got really inspired and I have organized and cleaned most of my work areas. For the most part everything is where it should be but I am sure I will still make some changes and adjustments as I figure out the most convenient place for tools and materials.

Since taking this picture a couple of days ago I have managed to organize my desk.

I still have some small organization projects to finish in this room:
  • Install the other side of the corner shelves above my desk
  • Finish desk surface
  • Attach corks to the edge of the shelves. This will be used instead of a bulletin board. I got the idea from the Do It Yourself Magazine as seen HERE
  • Organize my dolls in the curio cabinet
  • Install some storage shelves in the bathroom
  • Organize my workshop area
  • Determine what to hang in the wall next to the bathroom. I will probably use this area for a bulletin board when I can hang more dotees and knick-knacks as the one above the sewing area is full to capacity
Maybe , while I do my online clay and cloth doll class I will have some time to tackle this projects :)


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