Monday, February 13, 2012

Back to Dotees!

So...after taking a long break from making dotees, I am now back at it!

Kikuya is the first one I made at a get together with my crafty friends back in December.

Frankie and Frank were twin dotees I had started two years ago for the "Wacky Silly and Unusual holidays swap" (October 31 - Frankenstein monster day) on swapbot. Frank got finished but Frankie who was staying home has been laying unfinished until recently. He is finally done!

This past Saturday we had a crafty day get together with my friends. The theme we picked was "Steampunk". This little lady is one of the Steampunk dolls I made. However, since I was so distracted yapping away while I worked, after I was done attaching and beading her face I realized I had attached it to the wrong side LOL. I really didn't want to undo what I had done (because I thought it was too much work HA!). At my buddies suggestion I decided to make her a two faced dotee. In reality this turned out to be A LOT more work because, not only did I have to embroider and attach another face but I had to decorate both sides LOL…oh well….I really enjoyed making her anyways…DOUBLE THE FUN!