Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First cloth and clay dolls - Day 5-6

I've made not made as much progress with my dolls asI tho ugh I would. This is because a friend of mine and I had been talking about doing some altered suitcases. After searching the thrift stores in the area we finally found a couple of great suitcases (mine is red her's is green). We worked a bit on them this weekend. I will post all that when we are done decorating them.

Anyway, back to the dolls. I did make some progress on them. I painted their tops and they are done. The skirts are done as well and ready to be attached. I will do this as soon as I am done with all the painting so I don't get paint on them accidentally.

The first coat of skin color has been applied. For the first coat I used the same base color for all of them. For the second coat (and 3rd if needed) I will give them different skin colors. Then I will work on their faces and give them their personalities.

Three out of the four dolls have clay sculpted hair which will be painted in different colors (not sure what those will be yet). On the forth one I will use some kind of fiber for her hair. However, before I start working on the above, I will fist finish their legs (socks and shoes) and arms/hands. More to come! ...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Altered mermaid - Finished

Finished Paper doll mermaid.

I used sequins, beads, shells, ink and color pencils to decorate this doll.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Altered mermaid - in progress

Yesterday while I waited for my cloth and clay dolls to dry I started working on this project. It is Mermaid paper doll for a swap in swap-bot. She is coming out really cute...I think I might keep her and make a new one for the swap...LOL.

Anyway...while this little lady dries, I am off to choose the skirt fabrics for my cloth and clay dolls....see you soon!

First cloth and clay dolls-Day 3-4

Saturday I did the sculpting of their faces and yesterday I applied the black paint coat. Now they just need a little touch up to the base coat and they are ready to be painted but before I do that I will start working on their squirts.

Monday, August 16, 2010

cloth and clay dolls - progress

Well...I guess it's about time I blog something on here....I have been busy getting my craft room in organized and in shape to wonk in it with ease.

So..... now that everything has found a home, I have finally been able to start working on an online class I bought in mid June. "The Original Cloth and Clay Doll". This is a type of prim doll.

I've decided to be ambitious and make four dolls at the same time. I figure I will get lots more practice this way. We'll see...

In the first picture you can see I have sewn, cut and turned all the doll pieces. In he second picture I have stuffed all the bodies and limbs and have given them the coating of gesso. Now I will need to wait until it dries so I can continue to apply the first layer of clay....tap tap tap....

Come back again soon. I will keep posting on the progress I make with these little ladies :)