Friday, September 3, 2010

Craft apron - I finally have one!!

Yes...I am ashamed to say that until now I didn't own an apron for crafting. Recently I have been working several projects. I've been painting a lot and using all kinds of gooey materials and finally got tired of getting paint all over my clothes so at last made myself a craft apron.

I know, I know.... some may think the fabric I used is pretty BLAH. It was not my first choice, originally I was going to use a really cute "sewing and crafting" themed fabric but I thought better of it. I figured I was going to be using this apron for dirty jobs and did not really want to waste some pretty fabric just to mess it up so I compromised...I used the plain fabric but added the red trim and cherry pockets. I think it turned out pretty cute if I may say so myself!

Storage Rack

I found this pot rack at a Goodwill store (brand new YAY!) It occurred to me that it would be perfect to hand over my work table. It allows me to have tools and materials and arms length but totally out of the way.

I did need to make a cover (with fabric found at the thrift store) to prevent smaller items I placed in there from falling through. It works perfectly and I LOVE IT!